Why Choose Us

Brand Trust

#5 Trustimatic collects up to 70x more ratings and reviews.

Since launching in 2010, Trustimatic has consistently collected up to 70 times more ratings and reviews for our clients than our competitors – all without any ads, contests, or incentives. As we’ve expanded into other areas like Local reviews and Product reviews, we’ve continued to set the standard; testing new ideas and opening new distribution channels in order to help our clients collect and display as many quality customer ratings and reviews as possible.

#4 Trustimatic has the Largest Distribution Network.

Reviews mean nothing unless people see them, which is why we’re always adding new strategic locations for your 5-Star reviews to be displayed in. Trustimatic has key distribution channels with Google, Yahoo, Bing and CitySearch, along with social plugins for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Youtube. We also have Google Rich Snippet/Schema code that gives you the ability to add 5-Star ratings directly to your own domain name in organic search listings, along with an API for advanced integration.

#3 Trustimatic is easy to setup.

When it comes to getting your reviews up and running, we work hard to make the setup process as quick and easy as possible. And since Trustimatic is web-based, there’s nothing to install. Plus, our code is asynchronous so it loads independently of your site to ensure the fastest load times.

#2 Trustimatic collects reviews wherever your customers are.

When collecting ratings and reviews, the key is to make it as convenient as possible for your customers, which is why Trustimatic has several options available based on the type of reviews you’re collecting.

#1 Trustimatic has the best pricing in the industry.

Since opening our doors in 2010, we’ve always been completely upfront and transparent with our pricing, and our Pay-As-You-Grow model has given many companies the opportunity to easily and affordably collect customer ratings and reviews as their business grows over time